Corn patty, trout and SALAWEG Sea relish

This recipe is inspired by the Mi’gmaq community dietary habits. This fritter was once made by mixing corn flour with salmon, and then fried in seal or whale oil.

Green Beans and SALAWEG Tartar Mix

Green beans were given a special place in Acadian gardens; they would also call be called: « fèves à palette ».

Arctic char: Jelly and SALAWEG Fish Spices

The following recipe gets its inspiration from a Mi’gmaq recipe: Fish jelly with salmon heads. Back from fishing trips, Mi’gmaq would cook the entire fish in a deep pan. The next morning, once cooled, the fish were gelled into their natural jelly.

Chicken Pot-en-pot, vegetables and SALAWEG Meat spices

A pot-en-pot mainly belongs to the Acadian tradition. This meal consists of a mixture of fish, seafood, or meat added to vegetables and cover with dough.